Lovers of Life as if Going to Stop Tomorrow

Love is like the relation between the hand and eyes. When your hand hurts, your eye cries. When your eye cries, your hand wipes.

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"Come here!
You can enjoy a moment with the great view and meal from top. 
The finest sky on your top and the beautiful interior around. 
Let’s share the moment with your beloved.” πŸ·πŸΈπŸ‘«β€
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best feeling ever

That part of any song at that concert. With all the little power you have after moshing, you pump your arm up with your hands open. Like this. I do this every time when the music hit me hard. I can feel the weight of all the pain and depression off of me. 


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Barmy officials have booted three male tourists out of Saudi Arabia - for being too handsome.
Cops in the ultra-religious state arrested the hunks - from the neighbouring United Arab Emirates - at a cultural festival in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Officers from religious police force, the Mutaween, reportedly feared local women would find the fellas irresistible and be tempted break the country’s strict laws.
Read: Asiantown

Apparently, this was the guy who was deported for being too handsome.
Suddenly, I understand.

Damn, Emirates.

Wallah, habibi. 

Totally the eyeliner.

hmm.. got it!

Afternoon for the dream “home”

Sore ini gue lagi melow karena cuaca lagi mendung, trus lagu “John Mayer - A Face to Call home” bermain indah di telinga. Sedetik gue langsung terbawa ke tempat dimana gue merasa hidup, benar-benar hidup dengan dia. Gue mau banget bisa bangga dengan “home” di masa depan karena ada dia disana setia nungguin, nemenin, dan ngejaga gue dan kita.


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Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of the arrest of Rosa Parks. 57 years ago Rosa refused to move from her seat to the back of the bus.It was only 57 years ago that it was legal to tell someone just because of their skin color they had to give up their seat. Discrimination like this was widely accepted, it took one brave person to stand up and fight it.Yesterday President Obama visited the bus Rosa Parks was arrested in. It’s a powerful photo.Don’t forget the recent past.